My name is Valentina and I am an unstoppable volcano of ideas. It was love at first sight with digital!
It was love at first sight, and since 2009 it has made my heart beat faster and more passionate every day.

Everything is born in my workshop.

With the help of the data, the skills acquired and the goals achieved in 12 years of experience, my strategy is often born as if by magic.

Then, with the tools at my disposal, I study and analyse your project and its positioning in the market. Without ever abandoning that healthy dose of creativity and madness, typical of scientists with straight hair, imagined as children.

Each project is an exciting challenge, which brings joy and new stimuli.

My creedo?

Boldness supported by data, lots of study, creativity and…

a big smile (even under a mask, and after 10 hours of work).

I explore and research all the time, because what I achieve is never enough.

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