The completed projects are my greatest satisfaction.
I could have shown you the results, the strategies followed to achieve them, but in the end, I decided to give a voice to those who trusted me and stood by me.

I have known Valentina for several years and have had the pleasure of working with her on a number of projects. I have always been impressed by her energy, her skills and the passion she puts into her work. It is easy and stimulating to work together and achieve results that meet expectations!
Laura Bevilacqua
Digital Marketing Specialist & CRM Coordinator
I've worked regularly with Valentina and it has been a great pleasure. Valentina has a strong expertise in her fields which allow her to make an appropriate offer to her customers. I greatly appreciated her enthousiasm and professionalism. Her advices were always relevant. I already miss to work with her, she has a great personality.
Karine Ferret
Marketing Communication
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I had the pleasure of working with Valentina during her collaboration with Spring Srl. I can confirm that Valentina is an honest, competent and enthusiastic professional, capable of setting up effective digital strategies and optimising them to achieve better and better results!
Erica Greco
Marketing specialist
It may sound like a cliché but more than an Account Manager Valentina is a real "trusted advisor". When it comes to making things happen, Valentina is extremely pragmatic; this attitude allows her to fully meet her clients' expectations and to retain them right from the start. I can only recommend Valentina to any organisation that wants loyal and satisfied clients.
Gino Rincicotti
Marketing Manager
I was lucky enough to be able to work directly with Valentina during my experience at Volvo Group. We interfaced in terms of social activity management and strategic planning. In addition to Valentina's undoubted skills in her work, the thing I appreciated most was the ease with which she was able to understand even the smallest differences and nuances of the range of products and services offered by the company from the very first moment. Personally, I consider all this a great added value, and the feedback in the quality of her work was immediate. I immediately loved Valentina's flexibility, as well as her willingness to continuously challenge herself with a positive attitude.
Dario Gazzi
Marketing Specialist

…and many others!

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